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In a recent trip to New York City, some of the Star Wars: The Old Republic Developers sat down with the fans, had a few drinks and answered some fan questions. Boy did we get some answers. From information about a new character class to guild functionality, from PVP gear to functionality of bosses in Operations to chat bubbles. 

Damion Schubert had the following to say when asked about chat bubbles: "They are on the list." Schubert continued to say that they are not soon, but they are on there somewhere. "We have some nice big juicy things that are better that are on the list after space. I wish I could say more, but I can't."

As far as getting another character class into the game, don't hold your breath. However, they did talk about getting new story content in the game, and the care that goes into that. They take special care to try to make each story element in the game as special as a standalone Star Wars story or Clone Wars episode.

As far as guild management, the developers mentioned that they really are keen on getting more guild functionality in the game. They realize that things like mass guild mailing and calendars are wanted things and that guild leaders are real heroes. Things like these would really make the game better, another "this is on the list," was mentioned. All in all, exciting information for people interested in roleplaying and gaming in SWTOR! Loads of stuff to be coming "soon."

Thanks to Unnamed SWTOR Podcast for the info.
Selique Lasra I asked the question about Chat Bubbles ...
Viskan This is interesting, but I wish they were allowed to be a bit more specific on the timescale of these "coming soon& ...
Sound Super excited to see more guild features. Perks, organiztion and the such

Is roleplay the main form of gameplay for you in The Old Republic? Have you set aside BioWare's class and world stories to make time to engage in conversations with other players in-character? It may be more difficult than we think. BioWare has held true to their superiority in storytelling compared to other game developing companies. The class stories are nothing short of epic, and having to put aside the constant struggles that your character faces on numerous different worlds may prove more of a challenge than we expected. Sa Chi, the author of All The Galaxy's A Stage, believes this is the case for him, as he makes a long overdue confession. Here is a short snippet of what he has to say:

"My confession is an interesting one. Never before has an MMO caused me to set down my 'Heavy Role-Player' badge. In other games, RP has constituted the majority of my time and energy in-game. However, for as long as I am working through the Jedi Consular story, I have to set this badge down. RP is simply not the primary focus right now – BioWare’s story is."

What is the case for you in The Old Republic? Has BioWare's story sucked you in and away from roleplaying? Is a particular class story impeding on your potential for roleplay? Let us know what form of gameplay, be it BioWare's story or roleplay, that has taken up majority of your game-time in The Old Republic
Fonzarelli I totally agree. While I did take some breaks in the Cantina, when I was leveling my Sith Warrior, it was all about adva ...
Thrakazog I think (imo, only) that there's always a conflict when I log on for what's going to get the lion's share of my time. I ...
Son-Chi Roleplay is my primary focus. But boy does Bioware make it hard. And I'm not talking about the class quests and story, a ...
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