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A certain expression is mostly prominent upon the man, a thoughtful air set to surround. Soft brown eyes; clinging to an almost vacant quality. He seems to look past most things, staring out at nothing. A hand might move to scratch at a cheek, or an occasional odd nod given more to himself than any other. Oh yes, distracted would be the perfect word if not for the peculiar aura of serenity in which clung to him. It might lead one to the impression that perhaps he was less perplexed, but more immersed in something. 

It was easy to find his height, an average stance for a human. The pecan-colored hair is cropped mostly short, with the bangs left long and free; draping lazily about the sides of his features and sitting to rest somewhere in the middle of his cheeks. A faint few traces of gold can be found intermingled with the dark brown there. His complexion is mostly clear--only marred here and there by a few dark marks scarred into the cheeks and nose. A rather new one is however visible upon the chin.

Physically, he seems well suited to the pursuit of dueling; a toned frame with shoulders just broad enough to call attention to themselves. His is the body of a fencer who has put on just a bit more muscle than what would be expected. Beyond that, he does not appear to have any remarkable features save for a few scattered piercings and some tattoos which are usually hidden from sight by his robes.
In most cases he tends to wear robes common to Jedi. His saberstaff is ubiquitous, never far from his hip and seems to be treated more like a companion than a weapon. Beyond that any equipment he carries is essentially standard. A holocommunicator and other basic items that anyone might expect.

I'm sure we've all imagined being in one of those epic battles like something out of the Star Wars movies with massive armies clashing on the open field with lightsabers swinging and blasters blazing and explosions everywhere. All it takes is a quick search on YouTube to find scenes of clashes between SWTOR guilds to whet your appetite. But anyone who has actually been in that kind of situation knows it doesn't turn out like you imagined. 

Assuming it's an RP-PvP scenario, it's hard to emote when you're trying to flatten the other guy's healthbar before he or she flattens yours. An emote fight of such a scale is arguably even more chaotic and just slower paced. It's hard enough keeping up with a wall of text when you're standing around trying to party. It's even harder keeping track and responding to a myriad of emote attacks.

So for this Force Reflection: How big is your ideal sized RP group? Do you avoid big events or guilds because you feel like just another drop in the ocean? Or do you gravitate toward the groups with the larger mass? If you are the type that enjoys bigger group activities, how do you handle the chaos that often comes with it?
Sirenis I like a large group personally. Or a small, dedicated group of Role-players I respect. I have seen (and participated ...
Vhakarian Due to anxiety I tend to avoid large groups. I am pretty new at rp, that is in SWTOR anyway. I kind of just started play ...
Naomie I enjoy a little of both! I really love a good one on one fight (...very hard to find at times) or rp involving just a ...

"This weapon is your life!"

An individual's arsenal can define them, whether it be a good blaster at their side, or the weapon of a Jedi Knight; an elegant weapon of a more civilised age. 

The Star Wars universe is inundated with weapons of many different styles. It would be a fruitless task to list all the weapons available to those who dwell in the land of Star Wars, though some weapons of note include the lightsaber, blaster rifle, the carbine, explosives such as the thermal detonator, vibroblade, vibrosword, and perhaps the most common, the blaster pistol. "So uncivilised!"

Each type of weapon has its own list of models which in turn have their own set of modifications available to them. It really does go on and on. One could sit and banter on about weaponry until they find themselves old, frail, to have lived in a manky swamp only to have become one with the Force. 

What this Force Reflection asks is: what is your character's weapon of choice? The Old Republic has its own list of weaponry, but perhaps you use them only for aesthetics and have chosen a particular model or type of weapon for your character not available in the game. We'd like to know about it. Tell us about your lightsaber and its parts and focusing crystal, or your blaster pistol and its model and modifications, or the arsenal of detonators you have lined up within your jacket. Post in the comments, as per usual!
@$ark Asark has always used a lightsaber, the same one since he was an apprentice.
Iaera The light-saber. It's not a particularly interesting lightsaber. Other than being purple, it's about as ordinary as a l ...
Loathe My cyborg operative. -A riot gun, huge blaster rifle capable of shooting overloaded armor penetrating blaster fire. -10 ...

Welcome to Nik-Nak's Workshop. Each week we will be providing you with a jawa's insight into the world of tech! This week we're taking a look at a variation of the lightsaber: the lightwhip!

Also known as an energy whip or a laser whip, the lightwhip is a rare variation of the lightsaber. They generally function on the same principles and mechanics of a lightsaber, emitting coherent beams of energy that are used as a weapon. The main difference is the blade; rather than the straight meter long blades emitted by standard lightsabers, lightwhips feature long, flexible blades that can often extend several meters in length. To achieve this, rather than making use of one large crystal the way lightsabers do, lightwhips use multiple small crystals and the plasma in the blade has no cell barriers to keep it straight.

Just like lightsabers, the lightwhips blade can come in a variety of colors and shades based on the crystals it uses. They are mostly designed to emit a single blade—just like a standard lightsaber—though it isn't unheard of that some alterations can be made to allow the lightwhips to produce multiple tassels. These weapons are still rare and exotic weapons and they remain an unfamiliar occurrence among traditional duelists. Due to this, lightwhip wielders can usually enjoy a considerable amount of leverage over their opponents

It's hard to imagine Star Wars without the lightsaber. That shimmering blade, the snap-hiss that heralds what is certain to be a fight. I doubt there is a fan alive who hasn't dreamed of owning one.

Each lightsaber has the same basic parts: crystal, emitter and hilt. While the choice for color of the blade is dependent on the crystal chosen, the style of hilt is almost endless! From the sleek, curved hilt of fencing-master Darth Tyranus, to the simplistic hilt used by Luke Skywalker and even to the swoop bike handlebar used by Corran Horn, the stars are the limit for hilt designs!

Today's Force Reflection asks: what is your character's hilt design? Have you given it much thought? How many "unique" hilts does your character have? Is there one they treasure above all others? Let us know in the comments below!
@$ark Other than switching to an orange crystal, Asark has been using the same lightsaber ever since he became an apprentice.
Maldracai Xe'rath (my Sith Warrior) constructed his own hilt about a year ago, despite the odd glances and questions thrown his wa ...
DKForce Davanic Organa dual sabers have nothing real special about the hilts on the outside anyways. They would be similar to pe ...

Everyone has something that they treasure. It may be just a memory, or a trinket of times past, or possibly even something significant like a ship. Whatever it is, it is precious to you, something you would be loath to loose.

In Star Wars, there is a huge collection of items like this hidden throughout the films. Luke holds onto his father's lightsaber until he is physically incapable of retrieving it, due to it falling slowly towards the centre of a gas giant. Han Solo has the Millennium Falcon, and Padmé has the little carved trinket Anakin gave her.

As is often the case, these items of personal importance can serve as a plot hook. Perhaps someone is trying to steal it, or they are part of a collection that can be pieced together to find a long lost treasure ship. Or they could simply be a memento to a time you want to remember; an heirloom from your dead grandpa, the last thing your father ever gave you before he went away, or a trophy you claimed off a hated foe.

So what do you hold precious? A ring of untold power? A weapon that was your father's? A mask that hides your misshapen face, or possibly even a planet destroying space station? Anything that you would be rather upset to loose.
Ezrab'teb o The only precious thing Ezrab possesses is the thought everything will be alright, someday.
Zakia / Reka / Nalda Reka has a nice collection of special items. military tag - Kyle Jace stealth field generator - El'kar H'darr blaster - ...
Freylan Freylan's Low-Atmosphere Mini Probe, K2-X5 also known as "Sock". He takes that droid around everywhere he goes ...
Boba Fett

It's a macabre thing to think about, demise. Yet even the most admirable of heroes in entertainment history have not let their lives slip away from them so easily without giving the audience something to remember them by. Even when some heroes are certain their lives are over, they may suddenly don this veneer of machismo and be even more alluring than before

Perhaps we've even all imagined it: the death of our favorite character. In our heads, we may play it out in several different ways. Is it heroic? Is it timely? Or is the character just a victim of circumstance? In any event, our characters are, more often than not, those who would say a few things from time to time. Even the reticent character cannot keep his or her mouth shut in every situation. Let us enter the time of your beloved character's death: her assailant walks up to her, lightsaber in hand and says those four words that mean so much in entertainment. "Any famous last words?" 

This Force Reflection wonders what those famous words of your character would be. Or would there be any at all? Post your answers in the comments below!
Radraneth Radraneth: "Ah, screw it. *Force push* *runs away* WOOOOOOOOO!" Erm... he's a bit eccentric. Elaine: "Wo ...
Pellinore Bugger! (it's an aussie thing)
Henerkin Hopefully it would be "Hoist the Flag!" and he would be dying in a space battle under the Jolly Rogers.

The final form of lightsaber combat during the period of The Old Republic is Form VI: Niman, "The Way of the Rancor," or "The Moderation Form." For a diplomat, or an individual whose specialisation is not combat, this form is for them. Niman is balanced, hence the reason for the name "Moderation." It is a combination of all the forms of lightsaber combat merged in to one, taking all the strengths of available forms and blending them together, leaving little room for weaknesses. However, there is no particular main strength of the form, leaving a large requirement and burden of creativity on the user.

Niman also houses the use of the dual-bladed lightsaber combat style, similar to that used by Darth Maul and Exar Kun. The use of these types of lightsabers later fell under the form name of Jar'Kai, branching off from Niman.

Other forms of lightsaber combat do exist, including Mace Windu's creation of Vapaad: a devastating and dangerous form that brushes up against the dark side of the Force. Form Zero has been put to practice where emphasis is on avoiding combat unless absolutely necessary.

The choice of lightsaber form falls solely on the individual. The decision must be made with serious care and thought, as mastery of a particular form can take many years, or perhaps never achieved at all. If you are lacking height and prefer aggression rather than defence, then perhaps Ataru is the fitting choice. Perhaps you seek to tire your opponent, draining them of all their energy by remaining on the defensive by utilising Soresu? If elegance and precision are essential characteristics in your book, then Makashi would be right for you. 

Choose wisely...
Kinnion Kraul Darth Maul used Juyo, which had been in use for quite a time. Vaapad was created by Mace Windu as a variation of Juyo. A ...
Mtidja (Seyl to some) This is the style that Mtidja uses. But one comment here: Is'nt Darth maul known for using Juyo / Vaapad (Way of the Vor ...
Naomie I don't mention it in RP, as I usualy just try to describe what she's doing, but Mishka (and her evil psychotic clone T' ...
Anakin & Palpatine

The galaxy is full of them: charismatic people. People who, with a crook of the finger or a tip of the head, can change a character's entire world view. Whether these characters are Force Sensitive or not is seemingly irrelevant; charm and wit still have a lot of pull in the realms of organic beings. A character is otherwise having a normal day, and suddenly it can run along the entire saber's edge, all due to the whims of someone else. Because, after all, you only live once.

In a galaxy of Force users where the whims of others can be just a Force Persuade away, or, with a bit of Spice and circumstance, any unwitting cantina-goer can become extremely interested in anyone else, our characters have quite the bevy of stimuli to ignore when trying to make up their own mind about what is, exactly, their own mind. That being said, sometimes the best adventures are just a few thousand credits and a quick trip to Alderaan away. And, hey, they might actually even be doing you a favor.

So this Force Reflection wonders, how susceptible are you to the suggestions of those around you? Whether they're your friends or your enemies? Is your character particularly sensitive to any particular form of suggestion? Let us know in the comments below!
Zakia / Reka / Nalda Reka is vulnerable to the Force so generally she can be Force Persuaded into things fairly easily unless said things go ...
Ork None of my characters could be easily mind-controlled or force-persuaded... but Kreesha and Deshawna are surprisingly ea ...
TheScythe All of my characters are susceptible to others will. Sythbo does what Captain Brianna Kel does. He's surprisingly compl ...
You've chosen your class. You've chosen your advanced class. Then as you level you find them. Or maybe you even make them! In The Old Republic we have quite a few choices for weapons, there can be some surprising varieties, and there are several things to think about.

Does it have to be modifiable? Do you like the sound? Do you like the look? Does it work with your character?

It’s an important choice to make, after all. How menacing is a blood thirsty power hungry Sith if he’s got a pink (…sorry, magenta) colored lightsaber? Or maybe your reason has nothing to do at all with how it looks. Let’s face it: some Sith are scary, pink lightsaber or not! Maybe you chose what you did purely for your own aesthetic reasons. You found this weapon. You’ve used the handy dandy new preview feature in game to get a good close up look at that new blaster and by gosh, you just think that darn thing is so sexy you just have to use it.

There’s any number of reasons one could choose a weapon in TOR. So, you tell us! How do you decide what weapon to use in The Old Republic?
Iaera I'm a PvP junkie as well as RPer, so it's important to me that my weapons can handle both! Accordingly, I use moddable ...
Alen For my own Jedi, I levelled up artifice so he could literally build his own lightsaber.
Kashira Color and apperance. For RP, that's all that matters.
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