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Ilum was once considered a secret and sacred world to the Jedi Order. The planet housed a rich source of crystals which the Jedi used mostly for the construction of their chosen weapon: the lightsaber. 

After the devastating blow to the Galactic Republic with the Sacking of Coruscant, the Sith Empire learned of Ilum's available resources. The few Jedi teams that held the planet were no match for the invading Imperial forces, and there began a long fight for control of the planet. 

It is believed that the Empire's plans for the crystals involved stealth technology; something that the Republic wishes to prevent. The battle for the planet between Jedi and Sith continues. 

Keyt Saren | CBNS Reporter
DiscoveryNet: The Battle for Ilum

Star Wars was released in 1977 and still today is one of the most popular sci-fi and space themed franchise out there. The question is, even though Star Wars is set a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, will anything that is in the franchise actually exist in the future?

There are several things which are already in development and created, such as robots, spaceships, and other grand inventions of today. Do you think there will ever be hologram messages or things such as datacrons or even lightsabers in the future?

Sure, there are some flaws in the creation of some of the technology which just wouldn't work due to physics and whatnot. Though, it doesn't hurt to dream. If there was one thing in Star Wars that you would like to see in the future, what would it be? I mean, who wouldn't want to own a lightsaber?
User x Jeez, that's a curly one, the sexy/sexist in me says that awesome bikini armour, not just Leia's lame outfit (if we are ...
D'aax Considering they've already made a Photon Collider ( ...
Saraani Nah. If the future is going to look like any setting, my money's on Mass Effect minus the Prothean/Reaper stuff. So we ...
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Where lights burn brightest and liquor flows freest, emotions run at light speed. HoloGossip had the pleasure of meeting one of the most outspoken droid'ed up cyborgs this side of Balmorra at the Slippery Slopes Cantina on Nar Shaddaa. This Synthetic Siren wasn't all just talk. She had a lot to say about her business and how she felt about the future of droid technology. Here's the scoop:

Our Synthetic Siren is one of the owner/operators of SyntheTek: a business specializing in droids, artificial intelligence, and prototype weaponry. "Although we're trying to phase out the weapons," the Synthetic Siren said, "But I'm not supposed to say that publicly." Don't worry lady, your secret's safe with us. SyntheTek specializes in a heuristic system with its artificial intelligence, meaning that basically (as one of the company models pointed out) their AI can achieve sentience by simply doing tasks. We don't know if that's legal, but whatever pays the bills, right?

Our Synthetic Siren tried to downplay her part in SyntheTek's power structure by saying she's just a programmer, but by throwing around words like "heuristic" (which we admit we had to look up), we figure this is a programmer worth her space-sauce. HoloGossip is 100% behind SyntheTek shutting down its weapons program. Who wants a sentient blaster, or a saber that learns with you? Last thing anyone wants is a blaster that shoots back, or a lightsaber in a bad mood. So remember, treat your droids with respect. They might be having a bad day, and that could be the end of you, buddy.

Mai Cash | HoloGossip
Slippery Slopes Cantina - Nar Shaddaa
[Based on in-game RP with Cnids on The Ebon Hawk]
Cnids ((I just discovered this; thanks for writing me up, Mai! )) ...
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Where lights burn brightest and liquor flows freest, emotions run at light speed. HoloGossip caught word at local cantinas throughout the galaxy of a number of Jedi and other Republic Force users having to flee from attacks on them by Sith, sometimes in the most unlikely of places. One was attacked on Corellia while on a routine diplomatic mission (Jedi have those you know), and another Force user was attacked while exiting her ship at Deucalon Spaceport on Nar Shaddaa. Here's the scoop:

While both goody-two-shoes seem to have escaped, neither seemed to be able to do it without their pride in-tact. The Corellian Hero has been heard saying that he barely escaped with his life, and he's wondering where the attacking Sith is now, while the Wandering Force User lost her lightsaber during the assault in her hangar. Coincidence? Maybe. Who knows? The Sith have been known to be pretty brazen before, and who knows what those guys are up to on Dromund Kaas in their very own Sanctum.

War is war after all, and some people just don't like each other. Sith and Jedi certainly have it out for each other, for sure. While HoloGossip is not about to go poking our nose into smelly Sith business, we're curious about whether other Republic Force users or Jedi have been attacked by single Sith assailants, and lived. If you have, feel free to contact us via the HNN. Curiosity may have killed the manka cat, but we always get our scoop, and we want to follow this story to the end. So remember, if you're playing with your lightsaber in open air, keep your hands on it. It might just get snatched up by some Sith bandit.

Mai Cash | HoloGossip
HNN Studios 
[Based on an in-game storyline ongoing on The Ebon Hawk]

Player-written backstories, personalities, and ethics are quite often, for want of a better word, spectacular. Some are even better than the (also spectacular) class stories written for us by BioWare, which highlight the personalities and quirks typical of the eight classes we get to choose from. But here is today's question: how similar are the two genres? How like your class is your character?

Is your Jedi Knight a brave knight of the Jedi Order, or is he not even a Jedi, just an exile with a lightsaber or a provost with a sword? Your smuggler; a cocky pilot or a soldier in the Republic army? Is your bounty hunter actually a Mandalorian, or does he walk a different path, perhaps that of a heroic game hunter? Is your Sith actually a Lord of the Sith, or is she a rebel to her cause? Let us know.
Nebu'la Totally, aside from Nebbs is both Smuggler and Bounty Hunter (RPed that out over time) but mainly smuggler which she now ...
TehCelt Balitima is /nothing/ like her class. 1) Skills - Balitima is a Sith Sorcerer utilizing the spells and incantations as w ...
Frostleik Overall I'd say very little- the classes and their mechanics only adds to the concept and the general atmosphere of what ...

Everyone is a hero. Or a smuggler, or a member of infantry, or a bounty hunter, or a Jedi. The run of the mill types of characters who make the galaxy really go ‘round tend to be played by NPC’s.  The bartenders are droids, the armor and weapons vendors are generic folks that are simply there.  As they're NPC’s, we can’t really interact with them, nor is it with the effort to make up an interaction with them. Once in a while there will be a character that makes a living trading on the galactic markets as a hobby. But surely, the galaxy doesn’t run off heroes. 

Where are the mechanics that are just mechanics? The journalists who have to hire protection? Where are the dancers, the bartenders, the chefs? Where are the common people that make the galaxy go ‘round? In our roleplay, they are simply presumed (like using the ‘fresher) to be jobs done by NPC’s so that we can go on our merry little way to becoming the heroes that the galaxy deserves. Surely, there’s not an infinite amount of credits to be made by thrilling heroics. Our characters didn’t just pick up a blaster or a lightsaber and become who they are today. Everyone, including the Emperor, has to start someplace. 

This has me wondering: where did your character start? What menial jobs did your character do? What jobs do they do now? Is your character just a hero? Or is their taste of weaponry a hobby? What professions would you like to see in roleplay? Where do your character's credits come from?
Frost Stolen funds of her old corporation, money from IC sold projects, fees for her IC medical attention, underworld deals ma ...
Henerkin Piracy, smuggling, bounties.
Tenatren I've had trouble deciding what my character does for credits, though it's always on my mind. He used to be a jedi and i' ...
A certain expression is mostly prominent upon the man, a thoughtful air set to surround. Soft brown eyes; clinging to an almost vacant quality. He seems to look past most things, staring out at nothing. A hand might move to scratch at a cheek, or an occasional odd nod given more to himself than any other. Oh yes, distracted would be the perfect word if not for the peculiar aura of serenity in which clung to him. It might lead one to the impression that perhaps he was less perplexed, but more immersed in something. 

It was easy to find his height, an average stance for a human. The pecan-colored hair is cropped mostly short, with the bangs left long and free; draping lazily about the sides of his features and sitting to rest somewhere in the middle of his cheeks. A faint few traces of gold can be found intermingled with the dark brown there. His complexion is mostly clear--only marred here and there by a few dark marks scarred into the cheeks and nose. A rather new one is however visible upon the chin.

Physically, he seems well suited to the pursuit of dueling; a toned frame with shoulders just broad enough to call attention to themselves. His is the body of a fencer who has put on just a bit more muscle than what would be expected. Beyond that, he does not appear to have any remarkable features save for a few scattered piercings and some tattoos which are usually hidden from sight by his robes.
In most cases he tends to wear robes common to Jedi. His saberstaff is ubiquitous, never far from his hip and seems to be treated more like a companion than a weapon. Beyond that any equipment he carries is essentially standard. A holocommunicator and other basic items that anyone might expect.

I'm sure we've all imagined being in one of those epic battles like something out of the Star Wars movies with massive armies clashing on the open field with lightsabers swinging and blasters blazing and explosions everywhere. All it takes is a quick search on YouTube to find scenes of clashes between SWTOR guilds to whet your appetite. But anyone who has actually been in that kind of situation knows it doesn't turn out like you imagined. 

Assuming it's an RP-PvP scenario, it's hard to emote when you're trying to flatten the other guy's healthbar before he or she flattens yours. An emote fight of such a scale is arguably even more chaotic and just slower paced. It's hard enough keeping up with a wall of text when you're standing around trying to party. It's even harder keeping track and responding to a myriad of emote attacks.

So for this Force Reflection: How big is your ideal sized RP group? Do you avoid big events or guilds because you feel like just another drop in the ocean? Or do you gravitate toward the groups with the larger mass? If you are the type that enjoys bigger group activities, how do you handle the chaos that often comes with it?
Sirenis I like a large group personally. Or a small, dedicated group of Role-players I respect. I have seen (and participated ...
Vhakarian Due to anxiety I tend to avoid large groups. I am pretty new at rp, that is in SWTOR anyway. I kind of just started play ...
Mishkalantia Elise Kalrook I enjoy a little of both! I really love a good one on one fight (...very hard to find at times) or rp involving just a ...

"This weapon is your life!"

An individual's arsenal can define them, whether it be a good blaster at their side, or the weapon of a Jedi Knight; an elegant weapon of a more civilised age. 

The Star Wars universe is inundated with weapons of many different styles. It would be a fruitless task to list all the weapons available to those who dwell in the land of Star Wars, though some weapons of note include the lightsaber, blaster rifle, the carbine, explosives such as the thermal detonator, vibroblade, vibrosword, and perhaps the most common, the blaster pistol. "So uncivilised!"

Each type of weapon has its own list of models which in turn have their own set of modifications available to them. It really does go on and on. One could sit and banter on about weaponry until they find themselves old, frail, to have lived in a manky swamp only to have become one with the Force. 

What this Force Reflection asks is: what is your character's weapon of choice? The Old Republic has its own list of weaponry, but perhaps you use them only for aesthetics and have chosen a particular model or type of weapon for your character not available in the game. We'd like to know about it. Tell us about your lightsaber and its parts and focusing crystal, or your blaster pistol and its model and modifications, or the arsenal of detonators you have lined up within your jacket. Post in the comments, as per usual!
@$ark Asark has always used a lightsaber, the same one since he was an apprentice.
Iaera The light-saber. It's not a particularly interesting lightsaber. Other than being purple, it's about as ordinary as a l ...
Loathe My cyborg operative. -A riot gun, huge blaster rifle capable of shooting overloaded armor penetrating blaster fire. -10 ...

Welcome to Nik-Nak's Workshop. Each week we will be providing you with a jawa's insight into the world of tech! This week we're taking a look at a variation of the lightsaber: the lightwhip!

Also known as an energy whip or a laser whip, the lightwhip is a rare variation of the lightsaber. They generally function on the same principles and mechanics of a lightsaber, emitting coherent beams of energy that are used as a weapon. The main difference is the blade; rather than the straight meter long blades emitted by standard lightsabers, lightwhips feature long, flexible blades that can often extend several meters in length. To achieve this, rather than making use of one large crystal the way lightsabers do, lightwhips use multiple small crystals and the plasma in the blade has no cell barriers to keep it straight.

Just like lightsabers, the lightwhips blade can come in a variety of colors and shades based on the crystals it uses. They are mostly designed to emit a single blade—just like a standard lightsaber—though it isn't unheard of that some alterations can be made to allow the lightwhips to produce multiple tassels. These weapons are still rare and exotic weapons and they remain an unfamiliar occurrence among traditional duelists. Due to this, lightwhip wielders can usually enjoy a considerable amount of leverage over their opponents
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