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Last time we looked at 3D artist Tharynien of The Progenitor server, but in this article we will be shifting the focus back to another awesomely talented role-player and 2D artist, Lasatho of The Ebon Hawk server: the player behind the Rhomel legacy. 

Let us get straight into things and start off with looking at the artist's motivation, the raw meat and bones of why she gets up in the morning and puts pen to uh… computerised drawing pad, just to give us a glimpse of her view on the world of SWTOR: her characters, her role-play and that of her in-character and out-of-character comrades. 

"Star Wars is always going to have a special place in my heart, as cliched as that sounds. Always more of a fantasy genre fan, sci-fi and space took backseat when I was growing up and I always found myself more engaged by games like Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale. So when I picked up Knights of the Old Republic back in the day and had this amazing story grow around me, I was hooked. An Old Republic era MMO seemed like a no-brainer but it took the pushing of a few gamer friends in order for me to give it a chance.”

And we are glad you did! Writers, musicians, painters, video bloggers and others all contributing to the world of art open up the story of this rich universe for people like us; the readers (and writers) of SWTOR-RP and beyond, bringing a whole new dimension to our role-play. has delivered once again. Details for the SWTOR PAX Prime 2014 event have been revealed. BioWare will showcase Rakata Prime: the finale to the Forged Alliances storyline. The world we once saw in Knights of the Old Republic has been recreated and is being used as part of the game's ongoing epic story. 

In addition to the reveal of Rakata Prime, new Cartel Market packs will be showcased which include the Gatekeeper's Stronghold Pack, and Constable's Stronghold Pack. 

I'm definitely much more excited to see what Rakata Prime will look like in The Old Republic. To see more images of the new Flashpoint, head over to
Thundér I'd rather we got more planets and places to admire and roleplay in than all the amazing locations being linked to ...

Manaan's historic dealings with the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire resulted in the planet being left in ruins. Ahto City—the planet's city above the seas—was destroyed by Sith forces when their dealings with the Selkath—the natural inhabitants of Manaan—resulted in the Sith's dismissal from the planet and Manaan favouring a union with the Republic. 

Hundreds of years ago, during the days of Revan's triumphant battles against the Empire, Manaan allowed the Republic and the Sith to establish themselves on the planet in a neutral agreement to trade Manaan's most valuable resource: kolto. The Selkath banished the Sith after discovering that they were training young Selkath in the ways of the dark side of the Force. Consequently, an uprising occurred, and after the Selkath refused to give in to the Sith's demand for their allegiance, the Sith bombarded the planet. The Republic did not rise to aid their trade partners during their time of need. The Selkath shut themselves off from the rest of the galaxy for a long time, returning to the depths of their seas. 

Reports from the Pyrshak system and Republic officials have revealed that Manaan has reestablished contact with the Sith and the Republic with new arrangements for on-world visits. The planet's new surface structure, Mercantile Plaza, has implemented strict rules for landing privileges for the two super-factions. Trade agreements for kolto have been made, and the Selkath have reinserted themselves into the galactic economy. 

Stay tuned for further information as it is revealed. 

Kep Saren | CBNS Reporter
void ((For the first time during my time in SWTOR, I am honestly excited! A FP or a planet?!))

"We all have our heroes. And when we watch them fall we die inside." 
- Atris, Knights of the Old Republic II

The elite were not always considered as such. Becoming a renowned warrior requires strength, dexterity, stamina, charisma, a whole lot of blaster fire and saber swinging, and a little bit of sacrificing along the way. 

Our characters are regarded as such. They're the elite. They've saved the galaxy in some form, or for those Sithly types, they've contributed to the manic destruction of someone or something. 

As our characters have progressed through to elite status, however, they would have idolised some heroes along the way. Who are they for your character? Satele? Jace Malcolm? Malgus? Ven Zallow? A member of the Dark Council? Someone who's less under the spotlight? Let us know who your character's heroes are in the comments section below!
xI Lord Coma Ix For Tray it has to be Arca Jeth. Just about the only Arkanian Jedi of high standing and quite frankly he was epic as hel...
Cruallassar My Jedi Knight and Sith Inquisitor, Revan. My Sith Warrior, the Emperor. My Imp Agent, nothing. His goal includes anonym...

[Image by Sorael (a depiction of the Lady Lessia when she had been Sith)]

In the last Progenitor Highlight, I had a look at the dashingly handsome Darth Tekthon. This week we are venturing back into the realm of the Republic and into the confides of a newly started guild called House Lessia. 

House Lessia is a Republic guild formed from the settling ashes of once Eclipse (those who remained Imp-side have moved over to The Singularity, though I am told the Eclipse is still about in one way or another). Currently, Sidre and her entourage are hauled up in a mountain retreat on Lady Lessia's home world of Alderaan. The fortress is heavily guarded and away from prying eyes but I do know that they are accepting visitors from time to time.

Something that I like about Sidre, having roleplayed with her a number of times, is her dualistic nature. It had always shown through, if only slightly (but previously never enough to provide any level of suspicion), and it kept me wondering about the once Darth but now Republic noble. I must say that the interview did not provide disappointment!

When discussing the Jedi code, one quote very much sticks out for me. It not only fits with my out-of-character considerations, but I feel it suits the character of Sidre rather well (when the puzzle pieces fell into place): 
Cruallassar Chi'vas and she would get along. Quite well, I think. -goes back to writing his application article-
Cadel Seeing the progression over the course of 2+ years leading up to House Lessia's shift to the Republic while playing...

We've managed to recruit another to our cause here at SWTOR-RP. How did we do it? We offered power! Unlimited power! Uh, excuse me. I think I just had a Sidious moment. 

Traid has joined the ranks as our newest reporter. Read on to know the who, what, why and when of Traid!

Traid's gaming experience goes as far back as the original Warcraft games. Though Traid has never finished the Knights of the Old Republic games, he picked up The Old Republic when it first launched. 

Like most of us, Traid idolises George Lucas. However, unlike most Star Wars fans, he grew up with the prequels. Traid was the same age as Anakin when The Phantom Menace was released, and he idolised Anakin's character through to the ending scenes in Revenge of the Sith where the inevitable occurred. 

Traid is currently undertaking studies in Journalism, and he is hoping to further his writing as a reporter here at SWTOR-RP. So please, make him feel welcome. You will soon be privy to his work which will invade your monitors in the coming weeks. 

Want to join Traid and our other esteemed writers on the reporting team? Fill out a staff application, and you can have power! Unlimited power!
Alexandrae/Traid I just want to thank everyone for welcoming me to the team. I hope to produce a lot of articles and entertainment for al...
Thralle Welcome welcome!
Keraal Oh hey there ^^ Welcome!

We all have enemies. Life would be kind of boring if it wasn't for a little unhealthy competition, right? Your enemies could be those close to you, without you even realising, or they are could be very apparent, making your life a living hell. 

Many characters in Star Wars have arch enemies. In Revenge of the SithObi-Wan's best friend turned against him, and the two went from being soul mates to each other's nemesis in a heart beat. Rolling back the clock a few thousand years, Revan defeated his former partner-in-crime-turned-adversary in Knights of the Old Republic. As we move on a few hundred years to the era of The Old RepublicSatele Shan and Darth Malgus could be said to share a mutual distaste for one another. 

Today's Force Reflection is a character building exercise, something which we like to do often. It is no doubt that our characters would have enemies, whether it be someone from their past, or a current adversary who causes your character much grief. Let us know in the comments section who your character's greatest enemy is, whether it be an individual, an organisation, or an entire faction. We don't like to be haters here at SWTOR-RP, but lets be real: this is Star Wars, and as roleplayers, we thrive for conflict. 
Tarazax, Master of Terror Thrax has built up quite the rouges galary over the years, But his greatest enemy ( no longer findable) was his ex-appre...
Taeghen Taeghen's greatest enemies no longer exist. He has enemies, but there's no-one I'd currently define as a ...
D'aax Mai has a frenemie in Kashira. She's made unfriends with Tervho and she knows that while cordial with Sriia Rolo, t...

"There are times when the end justifies the means. But when you build an argument based on a whole series of such times, you may find you've constructed an entire philosophy of evil."
- Luke Skywalker, Betrayal 

People are capable of evil. People can be relentless, vindictive, and bent on madness. Whether it's a politician, a business tycoon, or the lowest level of scum, people are capable of evil. Blackmail, aggressive negotiations, torture, and backstabbing are some of the horrible acts that take place on a daily basis. The world isn't all sunshine and twin suns.

Though gloomy and pessimistic this topic may be (Yoda, eat your heart out), there is a point being conveyed here: we're surrounded by people who can never achieve our level of greatness in life, so all they do is attempt to drag us down to their forsaken depths. Yet, the question remains as to why? What is their end game? 

We've seen many examples of evil in Star WarsHan Solo was tortured by Darth Vader in Cloud CityLuke Skywalker was shocked, almost to death, by the Emperor in Return of the Jedi. The Jedi Exile in Knights of the Old Republic II was manipulated ever so graciously by Kreia, only to meet her demise. Each of these practitioners of evil hoped to achieve an end game; but is it worth it? Do the ends justify the means? That is the question for today's Force Reflection. We'd like you to apply this question to your character for The Old Republic, and tell us whether the means are justifiable in your character's case. Would you do anything to achieve your goals? Let us know in the comments section. 
Taeghen Ironically, I should note, that a Jedi should be as equally comfortable in this mindset as a Sith. Jedi are supposed to ...
Arantir / Nexios Fairly often for my Jedi, yes. For my Sith - it goes without saying
Rolan "Dragon" Storm No, no and one more time - no. Every time ends were justified my means it became a major headache in the long run for ev...

Earlier in the year, we discussed the difference between combat and conflict in terms of roleplay, specifically the inclusion of both terms when it came to combat roleplay, but the exclusion of combat in certain forms of conflict roleplay.

While the Star Warsuniverse has a specific focus on the Galactic Civil War, be it the Star Wars Galaxies Era with the stories of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker, or the Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Era with stories of the Sith Empire and the Republic, combat and war are a continuous theme regardless of the series you call home.

It's because of this, and people's desire to be like their heroes or villains as the case may be, that leads many to create characters that are designed to be part of that world. Smugglers, Jedi, Sith, troopers, agents, bounty hunters, assassins; all of these and more are what encompass the vast majority of player characters when it comes in terms of roleplay.

But not everyone finds combat roleplay to be engaging, and many find continuous combat roleplay to be boring and tedious. Some people enjoy a more middle ground level of roleplay, maybe not completely keeping their characters out of the fray, but allowing them more of an actual life outside of the constant struggle. One of my friends had a penchant with her characters to almost always get in trouble of some form, but equally so, she had a love of what we affectionately termed "domestic roleplay," such as big family dinners for the entire clan (she was a Mandalorian after all).

So in my writing I found myself curiously asking this question: are there any non-combat characters out there? Do any of you have characters that would rather run from a fight than dive into one? Any journalists? Actors? Dancers? Models?

If not, do your combat characters have any other jobs or hobbies outside of shooting face and getting into trouble?
User x How about a mature aged Sorc, who at best, was hyperventilating at a start of a fight. So Mort took the cowards way ou...
WiNG Karla despises and avoids combat as much as possible. While she can fire a gun, she has a terrible aim and prefers to ju...
Baskerville My (retired) jedi Li Kao is now a peddler. He's an old codger, and while he can still fight in a pinch, he's ...

The Dark Side. Avid watchers of the movies alone, until the prequels, didn't necessarily grasp the reasons behind why Darth Vader became a Sith, or why Lord Palpatine was the evil antagonist of the series, the leader of all things wicked and corrupt. The Dark Side was that thing to be feared, that made no sense, had no reasons for its existence, and wanted to taint, corrupt, and destroy everything that got in its way.

Games like SWTOR, KOTOR, The Force Unleashed, and Expanded Universe comics and novels gave a new perception of the dark side and what it meant for a Jedi to feel its corruption or to fall. It gave it a real presence, not just something truly evil, but often the guise of something or someone completely misguided. Star Wars movies painted a complete black and white picture of good and bad, light and dark, and there were clear cut lines that if you were on one side, you worked for good, and if you were on the other, you were obviously evil. 

Reality often paints a different picture. What about those little people, those that have no choice, or those that joined a side with the clear cut notion that they felt they were doing what's right? Is it fair to say every member of the Republic is a good, honest, kindhearted citizen that would never hurt their fellow man, whereas every member of the Empire is corrupt, cold hearted, blood thirsty and cruel? Doesn't reality often teach us that there are no black and whites, but instead a lot of grey?

So the question this week is: why did your characters fall to the dark side? What's their baggage that made them choose that over the way of light? And if you don't have dark side characters, the counter question: why did your character choose the way of "good" and are they really that good?
Hudgaar Depends on the character but for the sake of argument I will expound upon Hudgaar. I would call him Human. Hudgaar does...
Kashira Kashira, not being a Force Sensitive, didn't really ever fall to the Dark Side. As pessimistic as it may sound, I b...
BrianDavion My characters where born into their respective orders, and even the non-force sensitives have been shaped by the prevail...
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