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Game Update 2.1: Customization brings us a lot of new goodies to play with, among them being the Appearance Designer Kiosks which allows you to change your character's eye color, scars, hairstyle, and even species. We had the chance to chat with BioWare Producer Cory Bulter about these Appearance Designer Kiosks and ask him a few questions about this particular feature. Read on below for this SWTOR-RP exclusive!

Screenshots of the Appearance Designer interface (This might take a bit to load)

SWTOR-RP: Will there ever be an option to allow for some of the features for one class to become available on another -- say like Bounty Hunter tattoos on a Smuggler?

Cory Butler: Sharing class specific customization option between Legacy characters is an interesting idea. No immediate plan to add these options, but it is something we've been talking about.

You mentioned that the Appearance Designer can be used with Cartel Coins, and that subscribers have a substantial discount. You also mentioned that they can purchase a species with credits. Will you give more details regarding how that works and specifically the differences in experiences between subscribers, preferred, and free-to-play players?
All Appearance Designer options are available to all types of players for Cartel Coins. Legacy species unlocks for credits will be available in the Appearance Designer interface but will function exactly like it does in the Legacy or Cartel Market interfaces. The Cathar species unlock will be available to all types of players for Cartel Coins only -- discounted for Subscribers. For example, if you're a subscriber and you wish to change your level 55 Smuggler's species to Chiss and you have not yet unlocked Chiss via Legacy or gameplay, in the Appearance Designer interface, you will see a Customization Cost in Cartel Coins for the species change and a dropdown that shows the species unlock cost in Cartel Coins or Credits. The Customization Cost plus the Unlock Cost is the total cost to change to that particular species. If you have already unlocked that species via Legacy, gameplay, or Cartel Market, then you only see a Customization Cost listed.

[Editor's note: BioWare has clarified that there is a discount on a species change within the Appearance Designer, but not on the Cathar unlock. Hopefully, that clears up the confusion. Cathar will cost 600 CCs for everyone.]

What are the specific limitations in using the Appearance Designer? For instance, is there a cooldown on changes or limit on the number of times the Designer can be used? What about a buyback option?

There are no cooldowns or buy back options associated with the Appearance Designer. You will receive a confirmation pop-up prior to purchasing your customizations. The ability to preview all changes before purchasing should help players perfect their look before buying.

Will the Designer's features extend beyond the obvious to greater options like character's name or maybe gender?

Character Renames will also be coming in Game Update 2.1 and can be found in the unlock section of the Cartel Market. Gender changes are not in the plans.

You mentioned that you will be adding more appearance options in the future such as hairstyles. Would any further body type options also be in the making?
No plans to add additional body types any time soon.  As always, we will keep our ear to the ground and based on community feedback we will reevaluate as needed.

Thank you, Cory. We roleplayers cannot wait to see this live in-game.
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