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SWG Player Names Thread

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Star Wars Galaxies


-Kaline Lessia
-Rhyse'ra QaVam

Star Wars: The Old Republic

EU-The Progenitor - Imperial, El'essia

US- Lord Andraas - Republic, Kaline

I'll probably have more to add. :)
Posted Dec 22, 11
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Star Wars Galaxies


-Oteema Wa-or
-Draxia Rakou

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Imperial, Draxith (Sith Juggernaut)

Republic, Mag'ra (Vanguard)

Subject to change, waiting to determine a server once I reconnect with some old RP buddies. Currently playing on Prophecy of the Five. I am happy to move to a new server, especially since I have no one over 18 (yep, still a slow grinder)

Formerly Oteema Wa-or and Draxia Rakou (for you SWG folks)
Posted Dec 22, 11
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Forum Administrator
Starsider - Crescendo, Rapture, Daesha'nilim (maybe some others over time, like that wookiee that did tattoos at the Nomad Market briefly..)

SWTOR - Vaanthe (Lord Adraas and the Progenitor) Sith side.

Talik'nilim - Sith side.

Darth Covenant - Out of the ash, I rise with my red hair, And eat men like air. - Sylvia Plath
Vaanthe - I'shuree terhan meni kosta doutir I'shuree keyni.
Posted Jan 11, 12
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Star Wars Galaxies:

-Daijiiro, aka Jiiro Kane

SWTOR: All characters on US-RP server Lord Adraas

-Dex'arael (Republic)
-Nikodemus (Republic)

-Kage (Sith)
-Xindrake (Sith)
Posted Jan 12, 12
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Star wars Galaxies:

- Cawa Pletoo
-Thunau Pletoo

- Jalsa Maruk


Lord Adraas - Katri (Bounty Hunter, Empire)
Vrook Lamar - Raeval (SIth Warrior, Empire)
Posted Jan 12, 12
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Star Wars Galaxies

- Alado Oego

Star Wars The Old Republic
(Rusulor (imp) [US-RP Lord Adraas]
(Jorta (rep) [US-RP Lord Adraas]
Posted Jan 13, 12 · Last edited Jan 14, 12
Updated with all the latest names!
Posted Jan 13, 12 · OP
Ahazi - Mai'yannya / Jahnya

Starsider: Zyranth / Zah'yranth,

Lord Adraas - Malign, Empire
Posted Jan 14, 12
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Star Wars Galaxies

- 'Nosolee Prudii

The Old Republic

Lord Adraas
- Draiir, Empire
- Drac'nath, Empire
Posted Jan 17, 12
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Updated my name list from page 2
Posted Mar 9, 12
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