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Shadow of Revan launches in one week for those who pre-ordered prior to November 2nd. To get our Force senses tingling, BioWare have released a new trailer for the digital expansion. The trailer features some amazing cutscenes where it appears that players will fight alongside the game's most famous heroes including Satele and Theron Shan.

What is perhaps even more exciting is seeing how Satele and Theron deal with their long-lost-and-believed-dead ancestor. In the trailer, we see Satele Shan—Grand Master of the Jedi Order—question the legitimacy of Revan's return. Is this new foe really Revan? I'm still not convinced!

In addition to the new trailer, has again proven themselves as pure awesome by posting up new Jedi Knight and Sith Warrior combat animations for new abilities we'll be seeing in Game Update 3.0. Head over to and view these new animations for yourselves. They're damn fine!
Shanks Im just excited to see Shae. I think i have a new crush.
Arantir / Nexios Loving the new animations.
Keraal/Aes (Tel) I'm getting pretty excited about this! Hnghhh... a week is too far away D:

It's about that time again girls and boys! We have scoured different forums and websites for you in search of interesting happenings in the world of TOR, and lo and behold, we found a regular set of events held by the Galactic Fifth Column, open to anyone who thinks they could pitch in a hand!

Feel like doing something different this week? Head over to Belsavis at 10PM BST on the 25th of November and see if you've got what it takes!

"Indie Arpeez is a non-linear series of self-contained RP scenes hosted by the GFC guild and open to the public. The idea of these scenes is simple: cut the fluff and get right to the good stuff. We start with a general setting and some guidelines, set up the scene, and jump into the RP."

This week's plot has an interesting foundation: espionage, infiltration, back stabbing and more. Read the following excerpt below:
Standing at 5' 10, in middle-age and on the underdeveloped side for a Jedi, Alen Stanic is not immediately impressive. His robes are simple and his lightsaber unadorned and basic. But there's a measured, careful pace to his movements that suggest both thought and training, and a lightsaber scar across the left side of his face speaks of battle experience.

It is face to face that one begins to notice things. The wide smile that suggests he's happy to see you. The soft tone of voice that rarely rises, even when in difficulty. The thoughtful look that tells you he's carefully considering every word you say. And in battle, the hard, blank look of concentration that tells you no matter who you are, he's taking you deadly seriously.

But those who are sensitive to the Force get the full picture. There is power in the man, though mostly kept passive and dormant. A ferocious level of self-control and a projection of calm on his surroundings, so pronounced that inexperienced users of the Dark Side might find themselves genuinely uncomfortable in his presence.

Alen It's-a me! Man, I'd actually forgotten this was up.
Vaanthe a Nice!

BioWare have been busy posting the latest information about the upcoming changes to class abilities in Game Update 3.0. When Shadow of Revan launches next month, we're going to be seeing a new interface with the Disciplines System, which will coincide with a revamp of class abilities. 

If you're not up to date with the Jar-Jar-crazy amount of information with everything we'll be seeing in the new digital expansion, head to our every-thing-you-need-know post here and get caught up. 

For everyone else who is all over the changes to their favourite classes, what are your thoughts? Are the changes for the better? Is the Disciplines System a forward or backward step for classes in The Old Republic? Hit our comments section and let us know your thoughts!
Glzmo In my opinion, it takes much of the freedom of customizing your character with the abilities you feel she/he should have ...
Etherot The disciplines system seem good, and should make playing some classes feel much different than before. But some of the ...
The Shako Legacy I'm not very happy about the lack of Retaliation for Marauder, but the new Force Gash ability for Annihilation seems to ...

The SWTOR community is buzzing with the news of the upcoming digital expansion, Shadow of Revan. There is an bantha-load of information pouring out about what the expansion will bring to the game, some of which includes a raised level cap from 55 to 60, two new planets consisting of Yavin IV and Rishi, a new Disciplines abilities system, and pre-order goodies. Within all that is more information that some of you may have missed. 

We've put together a list of information that may assist you with getting up to date with all the hype of the new expansion. In our list you'll find information pertaining to the Disciplines system, pre-order information, story-related news, and a Hutt's-belly more.  

If there is anything you think we've missed that is paramount, leave a comment and we'll update this article as time goes on, all the way up to the release of the digital expansion in December. Think of this article as our own little holocron of information for all things Shadow of Revan!
Glzmo Will chat bubbles also be one of the finer details? ...

Image edit credited to Dr. Odolys Bujare and the Market Sector's Trade Emporium.  Inspiration from the Dangerous Hutt Banner.

On Friday the 31st of October, The Progenitor server hosted a Halloween party that saw players come together with some of the most wicked and spooky costumes we've seen in-game thus far. 

The party, organized by the player behind Dr. Odolys Bujare, was hosted at the Market-Sector's Trade Emporium. There was a contest that had players compete for best costume. The screenshots are not disappointing. Some of them are as scary as the Dread Masters themselves! 

Head on over to the event forum post here on the SWTOR-RP Progenitor server forums, and be sure to flick through some of the finalists' images. It might just give you some ideas if you're looking to stomp around in some freaky get-up. 

With Christmas fast approaching, we'd like to remind members of SWTOR-RP about the up and coming opera to be hosted by Aéla (AKA the Snowmaiden) next month.

If you aren't familiar with the event then take a look in the thread here and check out the previous article

Remember that the event hopes to raise money for the children's charity child's play. And if you're interested in seeing what they are all about, then you can take a look at the charity information here.

Below is an excerpt from the thread regarding the advertised event:

"Aéla will be returning to perform her annual charity opera at the end of this year

Last year saw a grand turn out of over 50 characters on Voss, and £200 raised out-of-character for the Child's play charity, and I would like the chance to repeat on the successes and do it all again this year!"

From industrious Australian Stormtrooper hermits, to Princess Leia undergoing street harassment, to goats singing Star Wars themed music; we have it all in this week's video picks. So sit back, click on the individual images above, and herald in the rest of your week with funny and interesting video clips from the Star Wars universe. 

Finally, why don't you see what's up on the set of the latest Star Wars movie? Click here to find out. Or watch this video of an aspiring R2-D2 budgie!

That's all for the now. Force be with you fellow SWTORians! 

With the bounty hunting events running again this week, we are sure that players will be sinking their teeth into the content added as of the 11th during the game server updates. You can hunt wanted criminals and claim your hard-earned bounties all the way up until the 18th at 4 AM PST/12:00 GMT.

And a few awesome fixes to the game mean that you no longer have to hunt around for access to missing guild ships or wear those coveted Combatant’s Bracers with unwanted clipping!

But what are you guys up to this week? Are you still excited about the Strongholds and the new quests introduced so that you can get your guild shiny new things for their guild ships? Or are you grinding away at those dailies so that you can buy something fashionable to wear to any upcoming roleplay events you have planned? 

We don't know about you, but when we think about the bounty quests running this week, we think about the lore and bounty hunters such as Calo Nord, or maybe the more widely regarded and perhaps more popular Boba Fett. So why don't you click on the links and find out more about these infamous Star Wars characters! Can you name any other infamous bounty hunters? Leave a comment below!
"There are not many Sith alive today who know of the Galaxy before the return of the Empire. Consider yourself lucky." 
~ Anorak

Anorak (Born 52 BTC) is an elderly and experienced Lord of the Sith.

Originally a Jedi Padawan by the name of Lysander Novaqi, Anorak found himself as a promising young pupil of medicine at Aldera University. After discovering the writings of Sorzus Syn while under his Jedi Master, he joined the Empire upon their return in 28 BTC in order to explore the powers chronicled within.

His first post was as a Sith Combatant somewhere in the Minos Cluster at the start of the Great Galactic War. He rose quickly through the ranks but after a failed attempt at creating Imperial super-soldiers through Sith Alchemy, he was taken out of a commanding military role.

After a 2 year long clean-up operation and 3 years roaming the Galaxy perusing biochemical research, Anorak was recognised as an outstanding expert in his field and a powerful wielder of Dark Force power.

While not a prominent figure in the Sacking of Coruscant, the Cold War or the Second Great Galactic War, Lord Anorak's expertise provided much assistance to the Empire during this time.

Now in old age, Anorak looks to attain the title of Darth and join the Dark Council

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