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Lightsaber combat during the era of The Old Republic is flash. Though the lightsaber duels between Luke and Vader, and Obi-Wan and Vader are classics, the combat we've seen in SWTOR's cinematics are just as entertaining.

Lightsaber duels just aren't about wielding the glow-bat and swinging it around hoping that you ward off attacks and land a successful blow, slicing and dicing your opponent. Duels are very dependent on lightsaber-user's ability and knowledge of their chosen lightsaber form.

Each style of lightsaber combat has it's advantages and disadvantages. Soresu is a very defensive style, and it relies on creating that impenetrable defense in the hopes that the opponent tires, opening them up to an attack. Ataru, arguably one of the more popular styles, is acrobatic and offensive, though a constant onslaught could cause fatigue. We saw this happen with Qui-Gon, resulting in his demise.

Not all players of SWTOR play saber-wielding folk, but for those that do, we'd like to know which style of lightsaber combat your character uses and why. Have they mastered the style? Explain how in your answers below.

Lilly Djem So all the way.
Shaiso Grim o My Jedi sticks to a single blade and does have knowledge of all the forms. However, the ones he chooses to utilise are S ...
Skagendo My Sith is a Blade-master, so he is more than capable in all forms. He was also raised to utilize Teras Kasi on Bunduki. ...

Fair and Balanced

Due to certain criticism that it seemed I only ever wrote articles about races that seemed to be at least partially attractive, I’ve decided to answer the criticism in the best way I can by calling my detractors out in public for being fools and idiots. The fact that this week's article is about wookiees has nothing to do with any influence that my detractors put forth.

But: ah, the wookiee. A race so repulsive and ugly that only the Republic could ever deem to consider these ape-like beings to be something worthwhile to keep around for anything other than fur factories (as a sidenote, wookiee fur is excellent lining for a savage jungle girl style bikini).

The race hails from the planet of Kashyyyk, and the name of the race translates roughly into “people of the trees,” though to anyone else it sounds more like a mixture of a sheep's baa’ing and the nasal whine of a stung pig, somehow managing to keep both of the tones in one. The race is, for all their drawbacks, also quite strong, but this does not make them any good as a slave race. They are culturally too savage and wild to fit in any manacles. The best you can hope for is to put them under harsh warm climates where the majority of the wookiees will die due to the heat. This is thanks to one of the weaknesses the furred non-human races have: sweat.

Or rather, the fact that wookiees and cathar do not sweat, a human expels excess heat through sweating, whereas a wookiee has to rest and breathe. They expel excess heat through their mouth and breathing fast, and this is why they excel in colder or temperate climates, but fare poorly in warmer climates. I would, however, caution to any reader who thinks that this will make them easy to defeat with the following note: the same thing that holds true for a wookiee also holds true for, say, a nexu (a cat-like being with an average length of 4.51 meters, tail included): they may overheat eventually, but you are not likely to be around long enough for this to be an issue. And for a wookiee to overheat, it will take at the very least four-to-six hours before it becomes critical for the wookiee, and it will take days, or in some rare cases, weeks for the wookiee to succumb simply due to a warm climate (such as on Tatooine).

"I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened."
- Obi-Wan KenobiStar Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

We have heard your cries, but we empathise, because we're crying too. We're very aware that our wiki has been suffering some serious issues. It has been more painful than Jar Jar. 

We understand that the wiki is a resource that many of you rely on for your stories. We extend our most sincere apologies, because we absolutely hate—again, hate more than Jar Jar—being the cause of your annoyance. 

The wiki is currently undergoing maintenance. We have an IT expert working on the wiki to try and get it up and running as soon as humanly possible Unfortunately, we do not have an ETA for when it'll be back.

The team at SWTOR-RP will keep you updated. Again, we do apologise for the inconvenience. We have every intention of restoring the wiki to its former glory. Thank you for your patience. 

[Header: original art from reddit user TrainerDaniel]

D'aax Thanks so much for working on it. I have things I want to get posted!
Sureshot Good to know you're working on it. Thanks for the update, Ganden. Best of luck with getting it sorted. ...

The Old Republic's roleplay community on The Ebon Hawk hosted an event on the weekend. The event was co-run by SWTOR-RP previous writer Kashira, and anything Kashira does, we support. 

For those unaware of HoloTune Heroes, it is a forum mini-game run on the roleplay forum Each week, HoloTune Heroes is updated and highlights music from the Star Wars galaxy. 

Users can take part in the forum mini-game, and anyone interested should visit the out-of-character thread for further information. 

Kashira was a long-time serving writer here at SWTOR-RP. Our long-time writers have been few, but Kashira is one of few who left a lasting impression on both staff and our readers. All of her work can be found here. I can gaurantee you will not be disappointed. 

[Full event image here]

"We all have our heroes. And when we watch them fall we die inside." 
- Atris, Knights of the Old Republic II
The elite were not always considered as such. Becoming a renowned warrior requires strength, dexterity, stamina, charisma, a whole lot of blaster fire and saber swinging, and a little bit of sacrificing along the way. 

Our characters are regarded as such. They're the elite. They've saved the galaxy in some form, or for those Sithly types, they've contributed to the manic destruction of someone or something. 

As our characters have progressed through to elite status, however, they would have idolised some heroes along the way. Who are they for your character? Satele? Jace Malcolm? Malgus? Ven Zallow? A member of the Dark Council? Someone who's less under the spotlight? Let us know who your character's heroes are in the comments section below!
Jüdas Hylo Visz. The woman forced the underworld to work together, took on the Mandalorians, took the Republic's money, and m ...
Infantryman My toons like ...
Lilly For my sith, it was definitely Malgus. An accomplished commander, a progressive thinker (relatively) and a dissenting vo ...

If you've logged into The Old Republic recently, and if you haven't been keeping up to date with the game's recent changes, one thing is going to be made very apparent: the Togruta have overrun the known galaxy. It seems that about twenty-or-so years ago, the Togruta congregated and performed a mass breeding of sorts, resulting in the recent influx of the twenty-or-so year old Togruta running around. 

It's all well and good enjoying the latest playable species added to SWTOR, but for us roleplayers, it's good to know about their lifestyle and culture. 

Did you know that the Togruta seldom keep to themselves and shut themselves off from others? And that they have a connection to nature of sorts, resulting in a preference to wear little to no footwear?

All of this information can be found on a website we came across which sets out a number of facts about Togruta that will help you with your roleplaying endeavours. SWTORISTA houses the article, and you can read it here

Of course, Wookieepedia is another great resource for you, as is this name generator. It seems that there are no real rulesets for naming Togruta, except that names usually consist of two syllabuls, though one and three syllabul names are not uncommon. 

We hope you enjoy the new playable species. 

EleaeMN I decided a while ago that I wanted my Togruta to be an artist So i researched them and I'm going to play her really qu ...
Skagendo and always remember to end every sentence with "yes, master" for they make fine slaves.

UPDATE: Game Update 3.3 has been delayed until further notice. The Togruta will not be playable until the patch goes live. View the developer post here.

We knew the Togruta were coming to The Old Republic. It was simply of when. Thanks to Eric Musco, we know that the new playable species will be available to us all when Game Update 3.3 goes live this week—at a cost, of course.

If you're wanting to unlock the species for your account, it'll cost you 600 Cartel Coins. Damn those Hutts! 

Here is Eric's post on the forums:

Togruta will be in Game Update 3.3 on Tuesday! We are pretty excited for all of you to get your hands on the new playable species.

One thing that sets Togruta apart from other species is that, due to their Montrals, any item worn in your head slot will be automatically hidden. By introducing a new playable species which hides its head slot, this gives us the potential to introduce other species down the line who have "head things going on."

Head things, he says. Does that mean that I will eventually get my wish of playable Nautolans? 

We've previously published Togruta-related articles. In case you missed them, here they are: 

Roleplayer's Guide to the Galaxy: Playing Togruta
Friday Focus: What class and role will your Togruta be?
GNN Report: The Togruta
Roleplayer's Guide to the Galaxy: Will you Togruta on Ziost?

[Header: original art by Raikoh-illust]

Brimal "Big-Z" Mosren Rodian, Mon Calamari, Kaleesh, Cerean, Devaronian, Advozse, Aqualish, Bith, Duros, Gand, Iktotchi, Kel Dor, Wookiee, Wee ...
Foxberry If the game ever gets nautolans that'll be the day I return to it.
Skagendo yay, another race to persecute on the imp side as they are inferior, wooo.. be good to have another slave of a different ...
Love can make us absolutely crazy, driving us to do the unimaginable. There will be that one person who brings forth our head noises, making us say and do things we normally would not. We see it day-to-day in films, television shows, novels, games, and in our own lives. 
Star Wars tells the story of a man who was driven mad by love; the fear of losing his beloved made him give up everything and everyone he knew for what he believed was a way of life that could set things right. WRONG! Anakin's love for Padmé drove him as mad as a wild gungan. 
The idea of love and its problems is represented in every era of Star Wars, including the era of The Old Republic. Each class had its own romanceable companion. However, the potential for real magic and drama comes from roleplay. 
Roleplaying characters in SWTOR allows us to birth our own wild stories of love. Your love story could send your Jedi down a horrible dark path, just like many other Jedi throughout Star Wars history. It can drive other non-Force users to murder, to kidnap, to steal, and even betray those closest to them. 
For today's Friday Focus, tell us if you've participated in your own Star Wars-esque love story, and what drama erupted as a result of it. Was your love perfect and without consequence? We'd like to know about that fairy tale as well. Hit our comments section with your answers!
Skagendo has to take two relatively mature people to be able to pull off the IC relationship because some people start to feel an ...
Mtidja (Seyl to some) Perhaps surprising to some my main character (Mtidja) is also one of those who I defined best in the romantic sense, I k ...
Dennis "to do the unimaginable" - My poor Deng basically lost his will to carry on once I and the other player playin ...

Fair and Balanced

Ah, welcome back fair reader to another installment of my series of the various races of the galaxy. This time I’ve chosen to put a focus on the alien race: the Nautolans. These beings originate from the Mid Rim planet of Glee Anselm in the Jalor sector. Glee Anselm is a rather large planet whose rotation cycle (that is day/night cycle) is 33 standard hours. While the planet is exceedingly large, it also spins around its sun exceedingly quickly in that it makes the circle in only 206 standard days.

I do of course mention these things because they have had a great impact on the evolution of the species. Where the superior species—humans—have been greatly able to adapt and simply fit into any environment, the Nautolans and the other race sharing the planet, the Anselmi, adapted to the planet's movements. The Anselmi, a pitiful primitive and war-like race that dwells on land, became tribal and war-like and are so idiotic that I won’t spend more time on them.

The more interesting race on the planet are the Nautolans. This race evolved to thrive under water hiding away from the sun, and as so many other underwater races, these too have been fond of evolving tentacles. These head tentacles are not to be confused with those of the more useful Twi’lek species or the inhuman Togruta, for they are not lekkus but rather a form of head-tresses that are designed to sense pheromones of other beings. Imagine them somewhat like the sensory ability of a shark; just inferior to the them. In addition to the tentacles, they are known for their large black eyes which allows them excellent ability to see underwater and in dim light conditions. Though they are known to be weak in harsher climates and have trouble adapting there, this is not to say that they cannot; it is merely to say that they, unlike the superior human species, have to take much longer to adapt.

As befitting for a race that developed underwater, they are known to have green, blue, and brown skin, usually in faded colors that fit with their environment. The fact that they developed this while they have no natural enemies just demonstrates how servile and inferior the race is. They are naturally designed to be hidden away.

The physical distinction does however not end there. I would be a poor scientist indeed if I did not mention a few other facets of the race, such as their average height of one-eighty centimeters, and the fact that they have multible hearts that are capeable of beating independently. These factors mean they burn off oxygen faster and are more suspectible towards being poisoned by gasses. It also means their average lifespan is only a measly 70 years, significantly less for those who leave their planet.

However, there are uses for the race. It's well suited for otherwise highly gaseous enviroments where there is little breatheable oxygen as such would-be slavers have a chance of getting some profit of the race that way.

- Dr. Xanddal Hartthom.

The team at BioWare behind The Old Republic and the upcoming digital expansion Knights of the Fallen Empire hit San Diego Comic Con with a Cantina Tour. There were Q&As with the development team, but much to my dismay, the reveals were minimal. Most of the answers fans could get out of them—viewable at Dulfy as always—consisted mainly of answers like "yes," "no," and "we're working on it." Most of the questions asked seemed to be on aspects of the expansion that we already know about. Yes, they're still working on Operations; yes, they're revamping the companion system; yes, old planets are being revisited; and yes, the focus is on story. 

There was one reveal which stood above all others; well, it seems to be the only reveal from SDCC this year. We find out what happens to Darth Malgus with the galaxy takeover by the Eternal Empire. If you do not wish his fate to be spoiled, avert your eyes NOW.

Malgus lives! We don't know the extent of his survival, however, because he's frozen in carbonite, just like we will be as The Outlander! Twitter user Heather Nazareno posted a video of the reveal.

He was handed to Valkorian—The Immortal Emperor—as a gift from his twin sons. What happens to him afterwards, we can only speculate. Will we see him again? Will our adventures perhaps require us to save Malgus and use him as an ally to defeat the Eternal Empire? Could he be a recruitable companion? Time will tell!

[Header original art by ashasylum]

Lumpy Space Prince The clip was cut from the original trailer So his fate is again uncertain. Come on, do you think they'd reveal he's al ...
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