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Last week we featured the talented and well regarded Jung Mar player Rai-Kuga. It was really great covering her artwork and we loved the positive response we received from the community about her stuff! Want to read that spotlight again? Then click here and get the low down on the artist, what inspires her and her artwork.
This week we are featuring the equally talented, creatively wonderful roleplayer Ravnie! As usual, you're in for a treat. 
We asked Ravnie about the things that inspire her with regards to the Star Wars universe and the game in which we all persist: 
"Star Wars has always been part of me ever since I saw Phantom Menace on a VHS as a wee lass. It was like Christmas! There were all the intriguing flora and fauna, kickass characters and who wouldn't be inspired? I discovered SWTOR a couple of years ago and got extremely excited. I picked up on drawing early on and it has kept me up and running for a long time. Why not combine the two things I love? I enjoy it and the people I have a chance to make art for enjoy it as well. Happiness is the best gift to receive in return for doodles."
First up we have what can only be described as a delightfully frightful if wonderfully executed image:
"This is for all the people who like to spend their time partying or plotting their power plays in the underworld of Star Wars: The Old Republic, away from nagging Jedi and the demanding Sith. A place to plan small party events to major business moves within the underworld, where power is what you make of it and where you keep your enemies close."
Recently it was brought to our attention that a new force has taken up the mantle of the underworld in Nar Shaddaa. Something to rival the once powerfully nefarious shadow court; once holding the seat of power where roleplay in the depths of darkness and dubious roleplay on the Hutt moon was concerned. This band of not so merry roleplayers includes: 
"Street Gangs, Pirate Groups, Corporate Syndicates, Secret Cabals, Czerkathe Exchange and last but not least the Hutt Cartel. "
And what can you expect if you decide to partake in the fruit of the shady forests in which these criminals dwell?
"There are many of us who either compete against each other and others who work together. Most people in the underworld are not fond of change, are you enough to make a change, for better or worse? How many enemies will you make and what kinds of friends will you keep?"
It sounds like an interesting initiative; started by Kraven and spearheaded by one of our favourite Red Twi'leks Ezrab'teb and his pirate buddy Shanks. With a number of guilds already getting involved: from the Red Rose Synticate to the infamous Pirate Consortium  and the deliciously dubious Velvet pearl. We are sure that there's enough roleplay to go around... if you know where to find it! Visit the forums, have a read and see how you can get involved!
Witya There is something specific in the Underworld RP, as we discussed it today with people behind the initiative. It's the f ...

Table of contents for the series
  1. Introduction.
  2. Etiquette.
  3. Know yourself.
  4. Know your goal.
  5. Know your resources.
  6. know your adversaries.
  7. Putting it all together.
  8. Using it in conjunction with other RP.

Intrigue RP - an introduction

Anyone who has been a part of SWTOR-RP for any length of time will have experienced some form of intrigue RP. Some of it will likely have been a very poor experience which may hve had the potential to cause untold drama. Intrigue RP, when done right however, is a great tool through which we can tell a part of our story, and that is how the authors of this article series view roleplay: a story we write together with plenty of villains, plenty of heroes, and each will have their moment to shine, each will have their moment to fall, and many will get back up again. It is a story with multiple authors which we all desire to enjoy writing.

Before we continue further, we would like to define what we mean with the notion of "intrigue RP,” as this term may be a little broad for most people. What we have in mind is to give a few examples. It can be political RP where senators bicker to get support. It can be the Sith apprentices who sabotage each other and make others take the fall for their mistakes. It can be the sergeant who bribes the official, to make sure his squad is sent to a peaceful task, rather than into the battlezone. It can be the organisation that covers up its mistakes by paying for some very expensive propaganda in certain news outlets.

Something common between all of these examples is the purpose for the entire theme of roleplay: we wish to have fun. If we do not do this for our enjoyment, it is a waste of time and effort. We wish everyone involved to have fun, even though their characters may hate it! 

While we're a few thousand years shy of the music of Figrin D'an and Max Rebo, it's still a source of inspiration for many roleplayers and Star Wars fans. Whether it's the in-game music, your personal library, or your favourite streaming service, more often than not, we're all listening to something while we explore our chosen virtual galaxy. 

For some, it's the magic of bopping around space with the groovy jazz and heartbreaking blues of Cowboy Bebop. For others, it's blasting the latest and greatest metal or electronica while focusing on battlegrounds. And sometimes it's all about creating the mood for a roleplay in which you can draw further inspiration from. 

Music is an important part in how we play the game. 

Tells us what music inspires you. Do you have playlists made for different activities and different characters? Do you prefer the in-game music and focus on out-of-game music at other times? How does music affect your gameplay and your roleplay? 
Keraal/Aes (Tel) I like to have different playlists for different groups of roleplayers or people. Sometimes a song just makes sense, you ...
Cruallassar Certain parts of my playlist improve my performance by at least 25% when playing GSF. Pirates of the Caribbean, Imperial ...

Last week we covered the creative and evidently talented artist, Evanyell. A good number of readers thought to leave supportive comments for the artist, and if there's something we like to see here at SWTOR-RP, it's the supportive and friendly side of the community. It's why we're all here, right? 

Let's look at the second artist to be spotlighted in 2015: Rai-kuga.

"By day I'm an art teacher, and each and every one of my kiddos can tell you what a huge Star Wars fan I am (my room at school has a less than subtle Star Wars theme to it)."

We asked Rai about her inspiration, what motivated her to draw and get started on the road to Star Wars-inspired artistic flair: 

"I would have to say the biggest source of inspiration is the community, that I'm involved with, Penumbral. There are a lot of very creative and talented writers, other artists, and RP-ers that keep my own imagination flowing."
Allinah Rai!! Congrats! You deserve it! <3 Team Apprentice 4ever!
Vorinthia Snowrend Congrats Rai! I do hope the links to her artworks in the article gets fixed though. I get error 404 when I click them.
Luniara Rai has been my boo since she was a wee 13 year old. I've watched her grow as both an artist and a person and I couldn't ...

Brief note: I have changed the nature of the Combat Analysis. Where before it was an in-character review of whatever could be found, it is now an out-of-chracter analysis of various battles throughout the Star Wars galaxy, from SWTOR to Original Trilogy. Hope you enjoy!

For the first Combat Analysis of the new year, I will be analyzing the lightsaber battle of Jedi Battlemaster Kao Cen Darach versus Darth Vindican, and not-Darth Malgus, as seen in the Return SWTOR cinematic, starting at the point where Master Darach takes Satele Shan's saberstaff and initiates the fight (0:55 in the below video).

Born amidst the scientific tensions of the frozen world, Arkania, Adlai was the first son of Girantus Kar'ri and Mala. A geneticist obsessed with the endless potential locked within the biological world, Girantus approached fatherhood as a sort of science, and regarded Adlai as an academic investment, rather than a son. This was primarily because Mala was only Girantus' mistress, rather than his wife; a woman who he had married for scientific funding. Adding tension to the family, Girantus's wife soon bore him a daughter, Misa.

A Firrerreos woman devoted to the teachings of the Sacred Way, Mala raised Adlai with a firm, loving hand; instilling in him the traditions of her people. First amongst them was the value of a name. Having lost the sanctity of her name to Girantus, Mala was determined to not allow the same to happen to her son. Though giving him the name "Adlai" after his birth, she denied him knowledge of his name and referred to him as "son", while Girantus simply referred to him as "E-53." Though life was hard on Arkania, Adlai enjoyed the warmth of a home, adequate food, and was allowed to attend school with his younger sibling.

Constantly reminded of his inferiority to "true" Arkanians, Adlai soon grew bitter towards those around him, often engaging in violence towards animals and children who teased him, especially his sister. Despite this, Misa never shunned him, even offering to help him when he fell behind in his studies. He gradually grew to love his half-sister, often getting into fights when anyone that picked on Misa. He even gradually began to accept his life on Arkania, until his mother fell ill from Ardroxian flu. Girantus saw her as beneath expensive care and left her fate to chance. She did not survive, and Adlai would forever remain bitter towards Girantus, pure Arkanians, and later, the idea of racial superiority.

Stop sinking Corellian ale, holster those blasters, and get yourselves out of those cantinas! Party time is over! It's a new year and time to set your sights on making the most of 2015!

Last year, we saw some amazing things happen in the world of The Old Republic. We received player housing, guild capital ships, and the return of the SWTOR time period's most epic character, Revan. We've got plenty of new gear, new combat animations and abilities. But with all the new goodies, there's still plenty to come; from BioWare and from us, the players. 

There is always something to do in MMOs, and SWTOR is no different, especially in the world of roleplay. BioWare creates content, but roleplayers create stories. The worlds we have are massive, but the stories we create can be even bigger. 

For twenty-fifteen's first Friday Focus, we'd like to know what your ambitions are for The Old Republic. What do you hope to achieve in the game this year? Let us know in the comments section below!
Lomeria Just started some kind of Twi'ek community. The idea is to make a stand for Twi'leks everywhere around the galaxy as too ...
Vardemis Keep to make my guild grow, maybe finish the Flag ship... And maybe revitalize Korriba's Rp!
Cruallassar I intend to bring Chi'vas V2 into the life of a padawan as soon as possible, and perhaps set up some intrigue with his d ...

Welcome to 2015! It's another year, and with a new year we have a new chance to look at artists and creative types throughout the SWTOR community. Without further delay, let us take a look at the artist Evanyell; what inspires the artist to draw and what it is about the Star Wars community and lore that the artist draws creative passions from. 

"I've always been a Star Wars fan growing up. Watched the original trilogy a lot as a kid, Return of the Jedi being my all time favourite. I'd heard about SWG but I'd never had the opportunity to play it when it was out. So when I heard about SWTOR I got excited. I started playing SWTOR during the few open Beta events they had, then played right off launch. I was super excited when the game had been announced. It started off as a few quick joke scribbles that I posted to the forums, and eventually people saw that I could do art. Folks started inquiring about it, and so I started doing commissions for people. A majority of the SWTOR work I've done has all been commission based, some were gifts, and the rest were just scenes I wanted to illustrate for some of my own characters."

The first piece we will feature today is probably the one we like the most. It features Alasha of The Ebon Hawk server: 
Coggil That's me at the top!
Alasha *flails* Wow. Evey does amazing work and holy crap, that's my character ...
Vaanthe a Your work is wonderful, and I enjoyed this spot light on it.
The Dark Side

Come closer, young one. Let me have a look at you. Yes! I can see it in your eyes; a glint of strength, of determination and willpower. This strength of spirit, this drive, will be a great asset to your order. And yet think on what you might become. Your masters hold you back, too cautious, too…afraid. A noble sentiment, but misguided. All it takes is for you to learn a little more – and listen closely. Please, sit.

Who I am is of little importance. My time has passed. All I now seek to do is enlighten the young, to instruct them in a few simple things. No doubt your teachers have told you of the allure of the Dark Side, and of its weakness, and of a hundred other things that are useless in serving the galaxy. The Dark Side should be feared – feared for its power! And with that power, you could remake worlds, bring justice across a thousand systems, and more.

I see that I have your attention. The Dark Side of the Force has been eternal. Some have called it Bogan, others Will, still others have spoken of dark gods or ancient slumbering entities. It all derives from the same source. The Force is, according to Jedi orthodoxy, an energy field created by all living things and simultaneously the will of galaxy, the underlying cosmic force. This is the Living Force and Unifying Force. This narrow-minded schema has no place for the Dark Side, save to dismiss it as a corruption.
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