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Roleplay can be affected in a multitude of ways; more so than the ways in which Jar Jar can annoy and frustrate any fanboy or girl. That's a lot of ways. Just sayin...

Atmospheric settings, styles of roleplay, and story backgrounds can affect your roleplay. But perhaps it can be argued that the most significant affect on roleplay comes from the people with whom you roleplay. Their style of roleplay and knowledge of their characters and all things Star Wars could be the deciding factor on whether you become fully immersed in your online interactions in The Old Republic

Roleplay has been around longer than Yoda's lifespan. The tools we use in our roleplay are going to decide on whether good relations with roleplay (or wookiees) we have, or if, "In a dark place we find ourselves..."

In today's Friday Focus, tell us what is most essential to you for successful roleplay. Is it the geographical setting? Story? Or is it dependent on your fellow roleplayers and what they bring to the fight? Let us know in the comments section below!

We figure it's time to just hunt through the servers and pick out a number of pieces we here at SWTOR-RP like the most; focusing less on the interviews themselves but more on the artwork that you guys know and love. This week we will look at YouTube based delights: videos and music videos alike, bringing you a pool of talent from The Ebon Hawk, Jung Ma, and long lost gems produced by players of long ago devoured communities during the server merges. So get yourself something to snack on, a glass of water or your beverage of choice and feast your eyes on the videos below!

A good while ago, looking through art and videos. We found YouTube posts created by a player called Exel. Now, we have been waiting for a little while to catch the originator to interview him, but alas we have not been able to catch him! And likewise for a small number of other artists and writers. 

So without further delay, the number one pick for video content created by Exel would be a Holocast based around a guild plotline for the Eclipse over a year ago. What we really like about this video is the realism, the creativity, and the use of multiple speech actors. The graphical additions are splendid and it is very well paced: 
D'Portgas Legacy - Red Rose Syndicate trailer. This deserves some love. ...

Friends, roleplayers, random people, lend me your screens! For today I show you something of monumental potential benefit to the SWTOR roleplaying community!

How many of you have wanted at some point to make your character pose with their hands clasped behind their backs, probably looking out of a giant viewport on a space station or ship (like header image)? Don't lie; I will give you a thousand credits if you haven't had this desire (if you are online on Voss on The Ebon Hawk server when I am online within 15 seconds of reading this for the first time). Well, I have recently...two days ago...made a suggestion on the SWTOR suggestions forum area that would potentially allow just that. To merely highlight it, the suggestion is called STANCES.

What this would do is provide two new categories of emotes. These emotes offer a number of purely cosmetic poses, one category for weapon drawn, the other for without. Any Jedi Counselors out there who wanted their lightsaber to be in an Ataru form pose rather than the back and behind default stance, this is for you. Actually, everyone, this is for you. Stances would allow one to have their characters strike a different pose when walking or standing still and not attacking. Like a Soresu saber form pose, or a smuggler's pistol remaining in its holster with the smuggler's hand right next to it, waiting for a quick draw.

Details are in this link right here (warning, it is a long and detailed suggestion, so read it all), and I implore you all to post on it and give it your support. I don't know how the developers pick the suggestions they will take from there, but I believe it very well could be affected by popularity and support from the player base. Which is why I request your support.

JOIN ME IN GAINING THE ABILITY TO PUT OUR HANDS BEHIND OUR BACKS! And together, we can rule the galaxy in roleplay!

- Cruallassar

JJ/Flynn/Jayfon It's about time. I love the way FFXIV allows you to change stances using /changepose, it's different for each race/sex, ...

-Opening data file JediArchive/OpenFiles/Chi'vas-Ji'haldri/Force/001-

-Beginning playback-

The nature and difference between the dark and light sides of the Force is exceedingly important to understand if one is to attempt to twist the lines between them. As the most novice padawan knows, the dark side is when a Jedi succumbs to their base emotions, disrupting the peace of mind encouraged in a Jedi. The emotions commonly thought of are hate and love, though for two very different reasons, one leading to another. This is a topic for a later record. Suffice to say that when a Jedi gives in to their negative emotions, hate ranking top among these, they are termed a Dark Jedi, having given in to the dark side.

The Sith embrace the dark side for the purpose of gaining power. When a Force-wielder uses their emotions to use the Force, not necessarily the dark side, they are significantly more powerful then when in a peaceful state of mind as the Jedi teach. In sheer Force ability alone, most Sith are in fact able to easily outdo their Jedi equals, able to overpower a Jedi by brute strength. The iconic Sith Force lightning is a classic symbol of this, a manifestation of all a Sith's purest hate and fear poured into the Force.

However, the drawback for this increase in power is that a Force-user utilizing their emotions is far less focused, as the purer the emotion and the stronger the power, the more engulfed in that emotion they become. A Sith will be lost in his hatred for his enemy and the desire to utterly destroy them, making him lose control and thus become easily exploited. Where the Jedi lack power, they gain control, and although they may not be able to compete with a Sith in brute strength, they can easily defeat him through exploiting his emotions. This is true for any emotion, not just the negative ones. Love especially allows a Jedi to be manipulated, which is a part of the reason why it is forbidden by the Jedi. Blind emotion is the enemy of the Jedi, as it discards all control afforded by our mental calm and peace of mind. Where a Sith will attempt to power through to victory, we will use our heads and allow our enemies to defeat themselves in their fury. Otherwise, we would stand no chance.

-End playback-

The SWTOR community is buzzing with the news of the upcoming digital expansion, Shadow of Revan. There is an bantha-load of information pouring out about what the expansion will bring to the game, some of which includes a raised level cap from 55 to 60, two new planets consisting of Yavin IV and Rishi, a new Disciplines abilities system, and pre-order goodies. Within all that is more information that some of you may have missed. 

We've put together a list of information that may assist you with getting up to date with all the hype of the new expansion. In our list you'll find information pertaining to the Disciplines system, pre-order information, story-related news, and a Hutt's-belly more.  

If there is anything you think we've missed that is paramount, leave a comment and we'll update this article as time goes on, all the way up to the release of the digital expansion in December. Think of this article as our own little holocron of information for all things Shadow of Revan!

Love can make us absolutely crazy, driving us to do the unimaginable. There will be that one person who brings forth our head noises, making us say and do things we normally would not. We see it day-to-day in films, television shows, novels, games, and in our own lives. 

Star Wars tells the story of a man who was driven mad by love; the fear of losing his beloved made him give up everything and everyone he knew for what he believed was a way of life that could set things right. WRONG! Anakin's love for Padmé drove him as mad as a wild gungan. 

The idea of love and its problems is represented in every era of Star Wars, including the era of The Old Republic. Each class had its own romanceable companion. However, the potential for real magic and drama comes from roleplay. 

Roleplaying characters in SWTOR allows us to birth our own wild stories of love. Your love story could send your Jedi down a horrible dark path, just like many other Jedi throughout Star Wars history. It can drive other non-Force users to murder, to kidnap, to steal, and even betray those closest to them. 

For today's Friday Focus, tell us if you've participated in your own Star Wars-esque love story, and what drama erupted as a result of it. Was your love perfect and without consequence? We'd like to know about that fairy tale as well. Hit our comments section with your answers!
Keraal/Aes Love is complicated. My roleplay is complicated enough! I tried love in RP once and I think I would rather roleplay some ...
Ezrab'teb I have roleplayed plenty of love stories in swtor on Ezrab, although the longest one lasted 8 months of real time. It wa ...
The Skyle Legacy Of course. Everything from someone falling for someone else to a wife being murdered have all been felt by Traykx. As a ...

This week instead of looking at artists, musicians or video editors, let us take a step back and remember to commend the roleplayers of the community! In today's Progenitor Highlight, we are looking at Arlan: the guild leader of The Black Thorn which is a Rep-sided guild based around the premise of freelancers existing within the SWTOR universe. 

We feel that the following quote stands out when interviewing the player: 

"I try not to look that far ahead. Who knows what's around the corner? Anything can come along and take you on a new journey or path. Live for today. Tomorrow may never arrive."

Interestingly, Arlan has this to say about the Jedi code:

"I could say they are more guidelines than actual code, but I won't. The code is the code. While some may not agree with every line in it, we still follow it. It was written for a reason and by far wiser Jedi than I, so who I am to go against it?"

An interesting take on the code! Yet from Jedi to Jedi the code is easily interpreted in many ways it would seem but the message remains the same. 
Aldenohn/Odithek/Spectre Nice work buddy!
TheScythe Good. More publicity for the best damned story guild on the server! (Taken from a very biased poll)
D'Portgas Legacy You cursed government lapdog >.< Just kidding, and nicely done. xD

Fair and Balanced.

The Galactic News Network prides itself in being a fair and balanced source of knowledge about the galaxy; looking to further promote awareness of the worlds about us as well helping you to know about those who shake our understanding and shape our view of the galaxy.

To begin this series of articles, we have decided to take a look at the new organisation, The Ebon Pact, with whom we had the dubious pleasure to interview on their ship, The Desolation; a Harrower-class dreadnaught looking more like a derelict wreck than it does a warship. Our reporter had a distinct and unpleasant feeling running down his spine when he entered, yet nonetheless our reporters seek to bring to you an awareness of the galaxy and thus pressed on.

The Ebon Pact is led by the enigmatic Darth Krypteyos; a person who, as so many others in his position, have better things to do than to have interviews with reporters. So instead, we had the pleasure to sit down with a Lord Tanysha Harlock.

Onto the interview:

-Message to House Organa High Command from Jedi Master Chi'vas Ji'haldri-

-Beginning transmission-

Organa High Command,

My presence here is in response to a report made recently about what may be a Sith task force operating somewhere in Thul territory. We hope that these reports are without substance, though I doubt anyone involved is that lucky. I don't know what a Sith task force might be doing here, but if I were to hazard a guess, it would be that they wish to consolidate what holdings they might have now before dealing with whatever the basis is of the Revan rumors spreading. However, I admit that that is purely a guess, and as likely right as not.

Whatever their theoretical reasons, my padawan James Zithro and I are here to investigate them and determine the proper response. You can rest assured that this situation is well in hand. I expect to be working in close concert with House Alde on this due to their close proximity to Thul territory. We will be arriving on-planet in precisely 45 minutes, and will be departing for House Alde almost immediately. I would appreciate it if you let them know we are coming.

May the Force be with you.

-End transmission-
Sindol Nice. I have similarly started a serious of reports that will expand upon an in-game story arc for roleplayers to invol ...

It has been some time since we've had a new addition to our staff. As of last week, Singularity's Mtidja has joined our team of reporters and is raring like a bantha on heat (eww?) to bring you some great in-character stories from The Old Republic

Mtidja—also known as Seyl—began gaming back in 2002 in Neverwinter Nights, but began roleplaying Dungeons and Dragons style in 1994, moving onto live action roleplaying in 1998. 

Writing comes naturally to Mtidja with real life journalism being part of studies and every day life. 

If you'd like to partake in an in-character interview with Mtidja with the potential for the conversation to feature in an in-character article on our front page, send Mtidja a private message. Otherwise, keep your eyes, sights, or Force-sight focused on SWTOR-RP as Mtidja works to bring you fresh in-character reports from stories in-game. 

If you'd like to join Mtidja as a reporter for SWTOR-RP, contact me via private message, or submit a staff application

Remember: your news, your friends, your story, your roleplay at!
Shar Big MT have become 'Big Time!' ...
Sindol As Crullassar said, happy to see another reporter and look forward to reading your pleasurable ooshy gooshy articles! I ...
Cruallassar Heya Mtidja...or Seyl...I look forward to seeing your articles! And maybe some in-game RP...if you happen to reside on E ...
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