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We all have our weaknesses. Is it that you fail to resist the undeniable urge to eat that chocolate bar that has been staring at you all day? Or perhaps it something more extreme, such as a lust for power? There are numerous characters from Star Wars that can relate to that. Darth Vader lusted the power to stop those he loved from dying and bringing back those he had already lost. Darth Sidious consummated the power to rule the known galaxy, even though it saw his eventual downfall. Literally. 

You can be the strongest and most powerful being that anyone has ever seen, but there is always something that rips you from that pedestal. Darth Malgus believed that his true potential was being deterred by his love for Eleena. Darth Vader's fall to the dark side of the Force was heavily influenced by his love for his mother Shmi and his beloved Padmé, both of which perished causing Vader to be fueled by nothing but raw rage and hatred. Darth Sidious was told by Luke Skywalker that his overconfidence was his weakness, causing Sidious to rebut by telling Luke that his weakness was his faith in his friends. 

Today's Friday Focus has been made pretty clear. What are your character's weaknesses? Does your weakness trigger a particular emotion or memory? Share your answers and ideas in the comments section. 

LD.OOC My two police mains: Aresconson is nuts, but you probably won't see it. Ouf'usic doesn't know how to spea...
Ganden a Great answers folks :)
Alen Well - he can't *see*. This is a recent development, so he hasn't been able to develop Force-Daredevil-vision...

Hello readers and welcome to another issue of Adding Flavour: the series that goes beyond the norm to offer tips and tricks to enhance your roleplay. Continuing on from the last issue, our topic today concerns part two of Species, discussing and providing examples of playable and plausible species to be seen within RP. So, diving straight into it!

This particular species is one to be seen making its way more and more onto the RP scene. Felacatian are a shapeshifting feline-based species native to their homeworld of Felacat. With an appearance similar to the more human-like Cathars, Felacatians are known for their hyperdeveloped sense of balance, heightened speed and agility all thanks to feline evolution. What makes this particular species so interesting to play is their ability to shapeshift into a large, predatorial cat. Immensely dangerous, in this form their claws are said to be able to shred durasteel. Felacatians only shift into their more feline state during times of heightened stress and emotional duress, though with practice they can learn to freely control their ability to phase back and forth.

Felacatians are very similar to Cathar, so that is the natural suggestion on base species model; though one may wish to choose the more human-like facial features to achieve closer results to the species. Naturally, their more predatorial cat form requires description from the player. Or this could be substituted by the use of a large companion like a Nexu.

LD.OOC On the matter of Hapans if I am not mistaken at the current point of the timeline they are establishing their Consortium...

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Good day viewers. My name is Liz Patlip and I welcome you to the Taungsday Edition of the Coruscant Daily Buzz. We have finally gotten word from our reporter on Corellia, so expect to hear about that shortly. But, first a world from the Senate Building.

Most of…all of us remember the devastation brought forth during the sacking of Coruscant. Millions of lives were lost in a manner of a week; millions more been forced into the underlevels in hopes to escape the carnage. Crime swept the districts as the people had no means to defend themselves.  Even today, more than two decades later, whole districts are extremely impoverished with very little changing in terms of economy, housing, crime rate and the such. A moment of silence for the fallen.

I read a forum post years ago from a guy whose opinion I’ve always respected. I can’t quote it verbatim, but it ran along the lines of, “Roleplay won’t make you better. If you want to be better, read books by people better than you.” I don’t one hundred percent agree with what he said, but there’s something important in there which I didn’t fully understand until years later, and it’s all about rampant, unabashed theft.

All writers are thieves.

I have to wibble again into flashback territory to get at my moment for understanding this one. I was sat in a room with a group of writers and a lecturer as he explained how to structure stories. We all had a go, using a template he’d given us and when I explained mine, I added onto the end ‘It’s a bit Terminator 2’, as a sort of apology for my lack of originality. The lecturer replied with a longform rant (because he was a lecturer) but I’ll sum it up as: kriff originality, steal whatever makes things good.

Of course, there is a thing called copyright which stops people from stealing everything in a piece of creative content, and more than that, doing an outright copy of something is about as pointless an exercise as you can find in life.

Stealing what makes things good, however, is open to theft by law, moral obligation, and the rules of self-improvement. Terminator 2 is a fantastic story, and it’s made fantastic by a lot of factors. Those factors can be used at will, slotting into other stories to improve them. You could steal the ensemble cast of antiheroes, the twist of a typical antagonist being shunted onto the side of the good guys, you could steal the way the film’s evil always outclasses the good, or the moral dilemma of whether it’s right to kill for a good cause. You could come up with any number of stories from those aspects and more, and you can identify them in more things than Terminator 2.

Alen This extends to stories you run for others, too. I've been DMing or running events for some time, and I don't ...
Lae Excellent post, that while the stealing ultimately can have mixed connotations I agree with the overall point. Another e...

Through passion, I gain strength. Through strength, I gain power. Through power, I gain victory.
Words taken from the Sith code, though they do not always ring true. Rather than using their strength and power to gain victory, they gain nothing but their inevitable demise. Said like a true Jedi sympathizer <insert wide-grinning smiley>.

The Sith are not without their strengths, nor are members of other affiliations in Star Wars. The Sith have their emotion, their rage and their pretty sparkles that shoot from their fingertips. The Jedi have their serenity, their companionship and never ending cryptic-ism. Non-Force users have their strengths as well. Soldiers and the like have their big weapons that go "boom!" Smugglers have their tricks and conniving ways.

For today's Friday Focus, simply put, what are your character's strengths? Do they shoot pretty sparkles from their fingertips? Perhaps their wits and tact get them out of sticky situations? Is your character a Jedi Empath, feeling all emotion around them? Or perhaps your character's strengths are of something a little more... exotic? Post your answers in the comments section.

LD.OOC Ok Ouf'usic T'nk my police officer character. He has developed through the last year of rp and thus he has man...
Captain Shanks Shanks is just about decent with blasters,, not as good as an average Mandalorian or a soldier, certainly, but he hold h...
Alen My main character's 'superpowers': oratory and rhetoric! Do not underestimate their power. That's ho...

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Good day viewers. My name is Liz Patlip and I welcome you to the Coruscant Daily Buzz. We have some important news today. But, first a word from our sponsors.

"Have you ever felt like your life has been a waste? The daily routine of waking up in the morning, going to work, and simply coming back in the evening? The same routine you follow day after day? Doctors say that this will result in severe stress 99% of the time. But, fear not. What you only need is really just a day, two, maybe a week, off. Something luxurious, thrilling, and with a low meaningless price to boot. Something only a short speeder ride away. Why yes my friends. I am talking about nothing other that simply the most affordable mega hotel on the planet. The Vos Gasel Hotel."

Breaking news from the Starwire Tower, with your anchor Lily Serel

You’re watching Starwire News. Tonight’s top story.

In the aftermath of the Eternal Empire’s failed Voss offensive, sources inside the Citadel report that Empress Acina called a personal meeting with the Alliance commander and their two closest aides. Rumour has it they intended to discuss formal proceedings to co-operate in light of the Empress’ recent declaration of war against Vaylin’s Eternal Empire. Public releases from the Spire have condemned the action, calling it a betrayal of a long-standing treaty that has held the galaxy together in peace for half a decade.

While the Imperial Ministry of War has yet to respond to requests for comment, in the early hours of the morning following the meeting of the commander and Acina, tragedy struck. Internal reports circulated indicate that the personal shuttle of the Empress, carrying both Acina and the commander, was destroyed in the stormy skies above Dromund Kaas. The wreckage has yet to be found, and no distress beacon has been detected.

The current official line of the Citadel is that the shuttle was disintegrated and its two passengers presumed dead. While uncertainty remains without proof, internal forces in both the Alliance and the Sith Empire are preparing for the worst.

"I'm on the right track baby, I was born this way," says eccentric pop-star Lady GaGa. One could argue that her disparity from the norm could place her comfortably in the Star Wars world. No? Please, lower your sabers and blasters. I jest. 

Anyway, I digress. Being "born this way" raises a question: is it decided at birth that we're to become the people we now are? Surely our life experiences have a major influence on our personalities, morals, philosophies and beliefs? Was Anakin Skywalker set to become the masked menace from the moment he was born into the galaxy? For all we know, Jar Jar Binks could have been a hero if it wasn't for, well, who knows really? Bad example. One factor, though, that definitely has an influence on who we become is where we were born.

As roleplayers, we chip away at the finer details of our characters to set them in concrete. These details include nationality, species, religious beliefs, political alignment, age, sex, favourite food and drink, and so on. In today's Friday Focus, we'd like to know where your character was born. Tell us which planet you've chosen as your character's place of birth and why you chose that particular planet. Give birth to your answers within the comments section.

villeah My main Legacy , Clan Wright, on the Ebon hawk , was born on Mirnic , the planet that Jedi Master C'baoth(?) wa...
LD.OOC Ouf'usic was born to Corellia too, but here is some detail, nobody is supposed to know in character without Ouf...
Kaylaria/Tanchec/Libertas Kaylaria was born on Dathomir. No, not a Dathomir Witch as they don't exist atm. But, with the Rakata Engine device...

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Good day, viewers. My name is Liz Patlip and I welcome you to our renewed daily news show, right here at the Coruscant Daily Buzz.

Right from the get-go: Is Coruscant still truly worthy to be called the galaxy's capital? Some senators are beginning to say -no- after what appears to have been a horrible and devious assassination of senator Wilbern Overcla in the Old Galactic Market. You see, last night Senator Overcla’s son-in-law had been critically shot during a drunken brawl in the Dealer’s Den cantina by an unknown assailant. The reasoning behind the son’s night-out have not been made public, but he was forced to spend the night in the nearby hospital and is currently stable. His Father-in-law went to visit him the very next morning when the attack happened.

On his way out of the hospital he was the victim of a homemade bomb. The event ended as quickly as it started. Senator Overcla died just a second after it went off. Reportedly two of his guards have been killed and another 2 mortally wounded. Reports say there are no civilian casualties thankfully.

LD.OOC This was not on the prognitor, right?
I want to be alone
Space, the lonely frontier. When wandering the great and wide galactic expanse, our characters have their ship's crew to keep them company. Some characters are drawn to that camaraderie, choosing to thrive on the interaction of Corso Riggs, Lord Scourge, or Kaliyo to fit whatever social role they may need. However, other characters may wander their respective Fleets like something out of a high-school film, trailing an entire entourage.
While roleplaying servers cater to both ends of the spectrum, we are here to play our characters in the story that we create for them. Some characters may find social interaction and fitting into server-wide storylines coming more easily to them; while it may not interest other player in the least. Those who play the lone-wolf character may have an entire backstory and an ongoing plot for their character which they may not wish to share with other players.
This Force Reflection wonders if anyone chooses to play the lone wolf character, or do you prefer to roleplay en-masse? Or are you in-between: a casual roleplayer, choosing only to roleplay at events and in cantina settings? We'd love to hear from you in the comments section below!
LD.OOC Yep Ouf is a lonewolf (regarding his off duty life), one of his flaws, because otherwise the char would be purely overpo...
Cobra Fett Lonewolf easily, plays most of my games and rpgs on my own and in here as well, could be to I grown up being fine alone ...
Captain Shanks Oh, definitely a pose. 100%. Shanks sees himself as a wolfpack leader.
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